Hottest Male Hotties in Hollywood

Hottest Male Hotties in Hollywood

A top 10 of some of Hollywoods hottest male actors.

Hottest Male Actors

I know there’s a plenty of hot male actors out there but I had to take a few moments to showcase a few of my favorite hotties. Some you will recognize, some you may not but I think they are deserving of an honorable mention.

So let’s begin down this path of hotness!


Channing Tatum


As his friends call him, “Chan”, is a force to be reckoned with. He is a rising star that is totally on fire! With roles that range from comedy to serious tear jerkers and even some action for the gentlemen.


Ian Somerhalder


Everyone’s favorite bad guy of Mystic Falls is dangerously sexy. In his role as Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries, he always leaves us wanting more. That’s one vampire I would love to meet in a dark wooded area!




Jake Gyllenhaal


Still one of my all time favorite actors, Jake has a charming sexy hotness that is so unpredictable. Whether he’s a gay cowboy or a Persian Prince he is absolutely hot and sexy!



Josh Duhamel


All I can say is Fergie Ferg is one lucky lady. Josh just exudes sexiness. His rugged good looks can magically be transformed into clean cut sophistication. Perfect, male specimen.



Lucas Black


This hottie made me wanna go to Japan and learn how to drift. Not as well-known as most actors but just as worthy of hotness status. Tokyo Drift was not my fave of the franchise but Lucas made it easier to watch this Fast and Furious installment. Mmmm, Sexy!



Mark Salling


When did they start letting guys this hot in the Glee club? I feel cheated of my High School memories. There was no one this smokin’ in my school. Mark can sing me the phone book as long as he wants. He’s probably why the show, Glee, has taken off!



Paul Rudd


Brains & hotness, is that even possible in a man? I’m kidding, of course it is and Paul Rudd is a prime example of that. Whether he’s an idiot brother or a querky news man, Paul delivers and he is breaking hearts along the way. HOT!



Paul Walker


Every time I see a photo of this hottie I wanna just go drive really fast and get the adrenaline pumping. Paul Walker is one hot ex-cop fugitive. I thank the movie Gods every time there’s a new Fast and Furious movie. Burnin’ up the Hollywood scene.



Ryan Reynolds


Is that Van Wilder? What the…? He is a super Hunk now. Ryan Reynolds is one of those hotties that makes you wanna be picked up and carried into the bedroom. Sex-appeal and humor all rolled into one hot package.



Taylor Lautner


Team Jacob, Team Jacob, Team Jacob! Well, I do love my vampires but this Twilight star has warmed me up to the sexy beast werewolves apparently are. I will never forget when I realized he is a hot grown man. That shirtless wet from the rain look works for Taylor. Yummy!

That wraps up our trip down hotness highway. Come check out more articles we have.

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